"They’re fucking with the wrong people."

Well, that just did things to me.


Emily is such a cute and CLASSY ray of sunshine.

color meme: beth greene + 10 (spring colors); requested by hiswhiskeybreath


Oh Emily. You’re a sweet heart.


Oh Emily. You’re a sweet heart.

'Last Week' with Emily Kinney
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Because I feel like it, sharing Emily’s adorable post-Still Daryl and Beth song. (x)


Great drawings of Rick and Daryl by Soudabe Hzi. She’s very talented, check out her Instagram.


Anonymous said:
So Scott Wilson was spotted on set today at filming. Do you think it's a sign that one of the characters died and if so then who do you think it was? I know there's no way it could be Beth but I hope it wasn't Maggie or Glenn. :(


I’m a little behind on the filming spoilers due to being quite under the weather today after work. :P But if Scott Wilson was on set, yes, it was probably a character death. My best guesses would be Carol, Glenn or Maggie; however, I have stated before that there needs to be a little more substance and closure to Maggie and Beth and that, having just killed off Hershel a half season ago and in such a tragic way, that it’s probably unlikely that another Greene will be killed off so quickly. That leaves Glenn and Carol.

Based off what I’ve seen on TSDF page, the only person that was confirmed on set out of the two was MMB. I don’t think I saw anyone reporting a confirmed sighting of SY. So, if a character died today, it was probably Carol.

If you want me to, in the words of Merle, be all “susie sunshine positive for you,” then maybe SW was there to film a Beth-version of Daryl’s experience in Chupacabra. Daryl hallucinated Merle, Rick hallucinated Lori — on both accounts these figures served to motivate them to do something. For Daryl it was literally to survive, for Rick it was to learn to let people in and trust again. So, maybe Hershel comes to Beth in some way. His presence doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

That being said… I do have to say that I think he was probably just on set as an observer and most likely in support of a departing cast mate. I’m trying to come at this realistically and logically, and that’s just what makes sense.



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Living doesn’t get easier. But you get stronger.

Beth escapes the hospital and finds Daryl along the way.

Love or romance is going to be an element this season. It’s not going to be an element in a huge part of the season, but as we get towards a specific part of the season, it’s going to become more of a reality and a complication. Human nature, all the good and bad parts, are things that both complement and compromise survival. Love is part of that.

Scott Gimple: “You’ve mentioned a new romance evolving in Season 5. Is there any character in particular you’re hoping will find love?” x

All the signs point right to Daryl and Beth!

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